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To coordinate with Kate's career development in singing, films and television, the website is established to provide a comprehensive platform for more people who share the admiration towards Kate a deeper understanding towards Kate and opportunities to participate in various activities, providing Kate the most extensive support cooperatively. (This is the only official Kate Tsui fan club.)


Joining Details and Reminders:

The area that Kate Tsui's International Official Fans Club serves includes Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Taiwan , South-east Asia and Overseas.

Validated members, confirmed the payment of members fee, will be able to view all pages of the website, start a new post, reply to a post etc. Members could also be among the first to view the newest and exclusive updates of Kate.

(The fees will be used towards the cost for building the website, design fees for updating website, maintaining the server, production of light signs, plastic signs and banners, postage fee for prizes, printing of photos and gifts costs associated with functions etc.) 

Special Reminder: All member must follow the terms and conditions of the club. Please refer to "about us" and "k forum" for details.
http://www.katetsui.hk/en/aboutus_pop.phphttp://www.katetsui.hk/en/forum_details.php?id=2058 Action will be taken immediately if applicable.

All validated membership allocation will be divided into k,a,t,e.

k- Hong Kong , Macau members
a- Mainland China members
t - South-East Asian and Taiwanese members
e- Overseas members

Note 1: All members must clearly state the area you belong to, to facilitate statistics and data collection purposes. 
Note 2: Validated memberships could not be transferred, until the end of the year; if membership is not renewed in the following year, applications applying after the following year will be processed as new member. 
Note 3: Validated Membership for 2014-2015 will not be given a membership card, please save the membership validation email and take note of your membership number; your membership number will also be available on the lower right corner of the autographed photo received with your validated membership. 


1. New members' membership fee will all be HKD120 or RMB100 (avoid exchange rate issues)
2. Renewing members' membership fee will all be HKD100 or  RMB80 (Renewal applicants must also be validated members from 2013-2014)

Note 1: Membership is valid each year from June 19 to June 18 the following year only
Note 2: For details about membership fees and operational costs for the fan club please refer to the 
financial report posted in K notice every 3 months. 
Note 3: Validated members who have paid the membership fees before the release of the new fee structure will not need to pay for the difference.

To apply for membership, please first fill in the application form. http://www.katetsui.hk/en/fan_club.php (Note: All personal details are confidential and will only be used for contacting members.)
Payment Methods:

Please choose an appropriate payment method:

1. Direct Submission during Functions:
Hand membership fee to the treasurers (Tammy/Lamting) in the upcoming function/events.

2. PayPal
Members can pay by PayPal through Kate Tsui's International Fans Club Website's PayPal Account. (Note: PayPal will charge $10 for each usage)
Account Email: finance@katetsui.hk 
If you choose to pay by PayPal, please email your confirmation email to finance@katetsui.hk after making the payment, for confirmation purpose. Please write your Name, contact number, email and region, so we could easily contact you. 
(Please note: We will only validate your account after receiving the confirmation email of your payment) 

3. Bank Account at Hang Seng Bank (members in Hong Kong)
Members in Hong Kong can transfer your money to Hang Seng Bank
Account Number: 225-096726-668 
Account Name: Tso Man Wai, Tammy
Please send the original receipt, together with your real name, phone number, address, email address, and region to tammy@katetsui.hk through email, for confirmation. (Person in charge: Tammy)

4. Bank Account at 建設銀行 (members in Mainland China)

Members in Mainland China can transfer your money to: 建設銀行漳州丹霞支行

Account Number: 6217 0018 5000 1638 569
Account Name: 林綠萍(拚音:lin lv ping)
Please send the original receipt, together with your real name, phone number, address, email address, and region to fox@katetsui.hk through email, for confirmation. (Person in charge: Fox)

5. Bank Account at 平安銀行 (members in Mainland China)

Account Number: 6222 9806 0118 4528 (平安銀行廣州中石化支行)

Account Name: 邹焕

Please send the original receipt, together with your real name, phone number, address,  email address, and region tomeimei@katetsui.hk through email, for confirmation. (Person in charge: Mei Mei)

6. Alipay members in Mainland China)

Members in Mainland China can pay by Alipay 

Account email: fox@katetsui.hk

Please send the email confirmation receipt, together with your real name, phone number, address, email address, and region to fox@katetsui.hk through email, for confirmation. (Person in charge: Fox)

(Please note: We will only validate your account after receiving the confirmation email of your payment)

7. Members in Malaysia without PayPal accounts can contact Rachel (rachel@katetsui.hk) to arrange payment.

8. All members can also send payment by post (*highly not recommended) as the club will not be responsible for lost mail. 
Paying through this method will take slightly longer, we apologize for any inconvenience. 
(Postage address is: P.O.Box No: 38124, Hing Fat Street Post Office, Tin Hau, Hong Kong. Attn. Ms.Tammy Tso and write your address on the back of the envelope)

Fee payment and responsible personnel 
Note: To avoid extra bank charges in money transfer and currency exchange fees, please contact the appropriate personnel for your region for membership renewal and new application inquiries.

Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam and overseas - contact Tammy (email: tammy@katetsui.hk) (Weibo account Tammymyy)
Guangzhou province - contact Mei Mei (email: meimei@katetsui.hk) (Weibo account @meimei_微微)
Mainland China excluding Guangzhou - contact Fox (email: fox@katetsui.hk) (Weibo account @幽狐FOXFOX)
Singapore - tba
Malaysia - contact Rachel (email: rachel@katetsui.hk) (Weibo account @racheL_LEE-___-)

Member benefits:

1. One exclusive autographed photo of Kate Tsui
2. Participate in Raffle held from time to time
3. Priority in receiving tickets to tv station and performances
4. Eligibility to participate in private gatherings throughout the year
5. Priority in details of Kate-related activities notification and participation eligibility
6. Priority in photo opportunities with Kate and autographs during functions/events
7. Order club uniform and receive exclusive gifts ( including Christmas cards)
8. Able to browse or receive exclusive photos provided by Kate
9. Eligibility to participate in new fan club rewards program 

Fan Club uniform pricing:

Members must wear the official club uniform while attending functions or events, the purpose is to show unity and team spirit in supporting Kate.

Summer fan club tee (currently available in S,M,L sizes)
Hong Kong pick up HKD 70
Hong Kong by post HKD 95
Mainland China pick up RMB 60 (no recommended unless under special circumstances)
Mainland China by post RMB 90
Overseas by post HKD 125

For more information on summer fan club uniform, please refer to the link below:

Winter fan club hoodie (currently unavailable and will be in stock around September 2014)
Hong Kong pick up: tba
Hong Kong by post: tba
Mainland China pick up: tba
Mainland China by post: tba
Overseas by post: tba

For more information on winter fan club uniform please refer to the link below:

Rewards Program

To encourage everyone to actively participate and commit to the club, in the new year (2014-2015)(from June 19 onward), there will be a new rewards program from June 19 onwards (no time limit):

All members can accumulate reward points by sharing posts on the website,  by showing high level of enthusiasm and being helpful during functions. These include:

- If you write a post on the website and Kate replies you will earn 3 points

- Sharing photos from functions/events and videos (must be clear and of high resolution), after approval you will earn 1 point (points are earned per post)

- Assisting in transporting light signs or signs, you will earn 1 point

- Being on time at functions will earn you 1 point; no point if you did not sign up for the function; 1 point deduction if you sign up but do not show up at functions; the first ones at functions to occupy a good space will earn 1 point

- Showing enthusiasm while holding signs at functions will earn you 1 point

- The first person to share a newspaper or video post will earn 1 point

- Posting of a thoughtful comment or reply will earn 1 point

The top 5 members with the highest accumulated rewards points will have a chance to share a meal with Kate; the top 6-19 members will also receive exclusive prizes;

There are rewards and penalties, as seen below:

1. Members whose account show negative points at the end of the year;

2. Members who do not follow the directions of the organizer at functions or abandons fan club and takes off on his/her own;

3. Validated members who create disputes in public or on the internet and verbally accuse other actors/actresses or fans etc which affect Kate will have their memberships cancelled for the year and banned from attending functions or gatherings.

If there are any comments or questions about the rewards program, please contact Tammy (tammy@katetsui.hk) and will help to best deal with and resolve any issues.

Note: Kate Tsui International Official Fan Club will incessantly improve our services, under certain conditions, the rules and regulations above may be changed on a case by case basis.

Note: Our club will not stop to improve our service, if required, the regulations may be flexibly amended.